K-137L Cutting Machine

K-137L Cutting Machine

K-137L Cutting Machine equipped with AC digital servo controlling technology and10inches colorful touching screen, the data resolution rate is 0.01mm, has self-diagnosticfunction of troubles and displays the operating pattern, 100 program units,over 10000 different cutting ositions, it can memorize, store and dynamicfollow-up. The max paper-pushing speed is 5-15m/min. It adopts Japanese hydraulic components, France, Japan and Korea electric components. Taiwan ball lead screw and linear double guide-rail. PLC control system for electric configuration. Its key parts adopt imported bearing of lowmaintenance.IR rayprotective device is more convenient for cutting with optical knife-line alignment,button operated by two hands, singlcirculation cutting device ect.

K-137L Cutting Machine

JD-FJ08S Roll-fed Square Bottom

This JD-FJ08S machine is used for manufacture of paper bags from raw or printed reel paper. It can complete side gluing, tube forming, bottom forming and bags collection in one time. It is an ideal equipment for manufacture of foodstuff bags, shopping bags and so on. The whole machine is controlled by central computer control system and displayed by touch screen, meanwhile the length of bag tube is controlled by servo motor. It can produce paper bags of different sizes.


JB-6090G/8012G Microcomputer Screen Printing Machine

JB-6090G/8012G Microcomputer Screen Printing Machine is semi-automatic plane half tone printing machine. It is widely used in various plane printing range like paper, plastics, glass, ceramics, metal, fabrics, textiles and leather.
In this machine glue scraping is controlled pneumatically, large and even printing pressure(suitable for high-viscosity ink), screen-release device is equipped and its height is adjustable to ensure printing precision and the quality of finished products. The tension
pressure for printing blade, ink-return blade is adjusted separately at infinite speed, which increases the service lift and printing quality of half tone. Printing stroke and half tone fixed system can be quickly adjusted to meet different printing area.
Self-adjusting system for double working table in the machine is adopted, its adjustment is simple and fast, its register is correct. Urgent renascent safety system is equipped to ensure safety for the operator.
The whole machine is composed of machine frame, printing platform, printing system, driving system and electrical system.


JB-1100T Automatic Screen Coating Machine

The JB-1100T machine is specilized in the high precision emulsion coating of large area screen. It can make the high precision screen without any skill personnel by automatic operation enactment. In the allowed mechanism specification arrange, it’s fit for any dimension, material screen.


JB-1050UVJ UV curing machines

JB-1050UVJ UV curing machines are specially designed for fully automatic cylinder screen printing machines, but they can also be used together with other offset presses, UV printing machines or other equipment.

These UV curing machines are specially suitable for curing wrinkle effects and special UV effects. The curing machines are widely used drying and dehumidification in screen printing, PCB printing, dyeing and printing and galvanization.


JB-1050AG UV Glitter Machine

JB-1050AG full automatic stop cylinder screen press is a new model which brings in advanced design and production technology, adsorb the mature offset printing technology, innovation and has a patented technology, mainly for printing on paper and packing field. The machine adopts the classic stop cylinder, the maximum operating speed is up to 4000pcs/h; Meanwhile, the machine use non-stop feeder and non-stop collection technology, change the old operation mode which must stop machine to load substrate and collection, which eliminate the waste of time in loading and collecting, improve the printing efficiency more than 30%. It’s suitable for the screen printing on ceramic and glass transfer film, advertising, packing printing, brand, textile transfer, electronics and other industries


JB-1012S-1214S-1315S vacuum exposuring machine manual

JB-1012S-1214S-1315S vacuum exposuring machine using Iodine-Gallium lamps, Jinbao’s vacuum printing plate exposure machines generate a strong UV and near-UV light in order to photocopy images and text onto screen printing plates, photopolymer plates and PS plates.

HSC-1400 Roll paper cutter cutting high speed machine

HSC-1400 AC SERVO PRECISION HIGH SPEED SHEET CUTTER machine apply the advanced technique of Taiwan and Britain. The machine is transmitted by assisting motor. The speed of cutting paper is fast and stable. Germany precise bearing and cutting knife assure the high cutting precision. The touch screen makes the operation simple. The anti-curve rack assures the paper flat. It is the paper process machine that is very popular in paper manufacture and printing industry and will improve the efficiency and benefit for your company to a large extent.

GSFQ1600 Slitting Machine Operation

GSFQ1600 high-speed slitting machine is the supporting equipment of packaging machinery. The printing material is the semi-finished product and the cutting edge and sealing bag and other processes before it becomes the finished product or the raw material is cut into a certain width.


FM1320 Flexso printing machine

FM1320 Flexso printing machine is suitable for eco-friendly packing, such as the paper bag used for food and healthcare industry, paper box, paper cup, the pre-printing carton of paper bag courier, milk carton medicine use.

EYD296A Auto paste envelopes machine

EYD296A type full-automatic envelope machine is a domestic new generation of envelope and paper bag processing equipment. Compared with the original domestic envelope machine, it has remarkable advantages of high work efficiency and reliability, so it can create better economic benefits for envelope processing plant enterprises.

C-106Y Auto hot stamping machine

C-106Y Auto hot stamping machine, Automatic Die Cutting & Foil Stamping Machine Operating Instructions vs wiring schematic and PLC controller CJ2MCPU12 Omron


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